About the Story of VeX

Everywhere in the Kingdom of Yay, you could hear here and there a “yay”. It is so infectious in fact you would find yourself saying “yay”.

abstract painting of the land of yay

the Land of Yay

active fiqures abstratt painting

The people in the Kingdom of Yay

This is the story of VeX, an alliance of “anti-bullies” knights, ladies and Lords who lived in the Kingdom of Yay. This Empire belongs to the Kingdom of Cor, a land of bounteous plains, rolling hills and some heavily wooded forests.

The Champion, Zues tries desperately to instill into the people the principles of honesty, virtue and loyalty.

picture of young Zeus learning swordmanship

young Zeus learning swordmanship

Legends had it that a chill man, calm and steady came into this Kingdom after a long shipwreck, and he walked many miles with his family and settled in the protection of a big forest in the Kingdom of Cor.

His name was commonly known as “Mom” and with a lot of hardship himself and his family, ┬áhe started the alliance of Vex.

picture of knight mom

Again to our scribe the words are so truthful and right for the kingdom of Yay

Zen budha

Great job on the story of VeX! Kudos to the author, very fun read.

Bogore (PAw) Paw of NEO

This blog is about the story of VeX, an alliance in the “Game of War-Fire Age” and tells the story of the daily lives of the gamers in the Kingdom of Cor. This is the beginning of a book tracing the story of the alliance as it unfolds. This blog is undated daily and is based on the events and affairs of the people of the alliance.

the grand wizard of Oz, Lord Ondi, is the royal scribe of VeX.

About the blogger, Helamen, a retired pensioner living in Australia, who has been learning about blogging for awhile now and a nerd in all things IT. This book will be the 2nd book that he has written, the first an account of his father’s time in a Japanese Prisoner of War camp. This book has been undergoing edits and is yet to be released.

Any enquires please contact


at helamen1951@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About the Story of VeX

  1. To my friends at vex
    I have only left you, in body, my physical presence, my spirit lives with you all and I will continue to watch over and be the Zen Buhda you all know, please understand I am a wanderer and my travels take me a far, to meet and make friends where ever this path I walk leads me,,, you friend always , Zen Buhda

  2. Nice story, we feel like we have friends with only nicknames, that you will remember for a long time and you will imagine how they are looks like.

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